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Turkmen continue to suffer in Syria, Iraq

Turkmen continue to suffer the most due to lack of security and clashes in Syria and Iraq, Ersad Salihi, president of Iraqi Turkmen Front and Kirkuk parliamentarian, said Monday. Read the rest of this entry »

Turkey protective of ethnic Turkmens in Syria

When Russian warplanes began bombing rebel-controlled villages in northwest Syria late last year reverberations were heard all the way to Ankara. Read the rest of this entry »

Turkmens in Bayırbucak face ethnic cleansing after Rabia falls

Turkmens living in the Bayırbucak region face ethnic cleansing from Russia and Shiite militias supported by the Syrian regime after Sunday’s fall of Rabia, the last major opposition-held town in the coastal province of Latakia.
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Behind frontline, Iraq town torn as anti-IS forces clash

When a wave of deadly ethnic violence swept through the northern Iraqi town of Tuz Khurmatu, Ahmed Hassan Majid’s house was on the wrong side of an invisible line.

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Iraq Turkmens alarmed by Kurdish trench

Baghdad (AFP) – Iraqi Turkmen leaders on Monday accused the country’s Kurds of exploiting the war on jihadists to dig a trench that would strengthen their grip on expanded territory.

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Syria and Iraq: Ethnic cleansing by Sunni and Shia jihadis is leading to a partition of the Middle East

Sectarian and ethnic cleansing by all sides in Syria and Iraq is becoming more intense, ensuring that there are few mixed areas left in the two countries and, even if the war ends, many refugees will find it too dangerous to return to their homes.

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Turkish Red Crescent aids Turkmen in Iraq’s Tuz Khormato

The Turkish Red Crescent over the weekend delivered humanitarian aid to some 300 Turkmen families in the town of Tuz Khormato in Iraq’s north-central Saladin province.

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UN supports Turkmen rights in Iraq: Envoy

The UN is making intense efforts to guarantee the rights of all people in Iraq, including the country’s Turkmen, UN Special Envoy to Iraq Jan Kubis said Thursday.

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Turkmen rebels: The ethnic Turkish minority fighting long suffered persecution in Syria

The Turkmen are an ethnic Turkish minority who have lived throughout the Middle East for centuries, but are today mostly concentrated in areas of Syria and Iraq.

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World | Mon Nov 23, 2015 6:29am EST Related: WORLD, RUSSIA, TURKEY, SYRIA Turkey seeks U.N. Security Council meeting on Turkmens in Syria: sources

Turkey has called for a U.N. Security Council meeting to discuss attacks on Turkmens in neighboring Syria, sources in the prime minister’s office said, days after Ankara summoned the Russian ambassador to protest against the bombing of their villages.

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